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Find Your Strength In Love (Day 33 of Lose the Temper)

Oh hello,

I sort of think only people like Mariah Carey or Simon Cowell, Pink, Mick Jagger and Clive Davis should blog, Tweet or Facebook about the tragic death of one of the world’s greatest singers. What could I ever say that would be as insightful, interesting or knowledgable as what the people in the music business who knew her would say?  There are many MANY people more qualified to write about her, and I know that. But when my husband told me last night, in the middle of a dinner party, that Whitney Houston had been found dead in a hotel room, I burst into tears. I was overcome with emotion. I didn’t know her — I probably hadn’t spoken her name in five or ten years, but news of her death caused a real and deep reaction in me. I thought all day about why.

So I’m not to go on and on because I’m not Alicia Keys, but I think the reason I felt (and maybe everybody felt) so gutted by Whitney Houstons’s death, is because in her voice we heard God. Just watch her sing the Star Spangled Banner on You Tube from 1991. Close your eyes and recall that note from “I Will Always Love You.” That’s God. It has to be. Evidence of God on earth is pretty powerful and it’s loss would naturally cause one to cry, right in the middle of a party.

Yesterday I got really upset by something. I didn’t yell or anything, but I held on to it, or it held on to me for four hours. I wasn’t strong enough to get rid of it any sooner than that. Next time that happens I will try to remember Whitney’s advice and voice singing like an angel over the airwaves: Find Your Strength In Love.



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6 thoughts on “Find Your Strength In Love (Day 33 of Lose the Temper)

  1. I felt gutted by Princess Diana’s death, but not any famous person’s since –and not Whitney’s. As sad as her death is, it has finally sunk in: if you live hard, you can potentially pay the piper in middle age if not much sooner ( Winehouse). Whitney has not been performing at her greatest for years, so I always figured her best was behind her. I am curious to know if she had drugs in her system or if her body simply gave out due to too much past trauma.

    • I too felt gutted by Princesses Diana’s death, and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the hard living. In fact this morning I was talking about Whitney Houston’s death with our ten year old. I said she was “a genious”. He said, “I thought it was idiotic to take drugs.” He’s right, and I used the term incorrectly. But when I heard of her death, I could only hear her incredible voice in my head and in my heart — God. I’m telling ya.

      • Yes, that voice…’ …and IIIIII eeeee IIIIII eeeee IIIIIIII will always love youuuuuu’

      • Even geniuses do idiotic things.
        I wasn’t really a big fan of Whitney’s- yes she had an amazing voice but I just never really got swept away in her fandom. I am very sad about her death, my heart goes out to her daughter.

        I remember very clearly Princess Diana’s death and I even woke up really early volunteerly (rare thing for me) just to watch her funeral and cried. But my first celebrity death that really impacted me was Freddie Mercury when I was 10. I was too young to know what AIDS really was (info about it really exploded then) and couldn’t understand how it could kill someone who was so vibrant. I was, still am, such a huge fan of Queen.

  2. Hi, me again. Just wanting to clarify that I don’t think people who are addicted to drugs are idiots. For the moment, I don’t mind it if my ten-year-old thinks that taking drugs is idiotic. Whatever, complex topic. Blogs are weird because you riff on something and then think about it later, and realize there are 1000 different ways to slice and orange. Good nite. Off to put the children to sleep and then watch the Grammy’s.

  3. I had so much hope (maybe others did, too) that Houston would get help, get clean, get her life back together and make the mother of all comebacks.

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