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A Weekend With a View (Day 65 of Lose The Temper)

Oh hello,

So all is well with the temper this weekend, and to that end, I would like to give credit to the 1986 Merchant Ivory film, “A Room With a View.” If you have not seen this movie for any reason, please stop reading this and get on it. If you can’t do it now, then tonight —  just please watch it.

Friday nights are tricky. There is a lot that has gone on during the week, there is transition, there is the weekend ahead (no matter how many people say that weekends are relaxing, I find that they can go very wrong. You have to plan a lot, there is no structure, many meals to cook — daunting). So I find that on Fridays there can be potential for tempers to flair. Not always, but there is potential. So this Friday night (I could kind of feel a threadbare vibe around 9 p.m.) I decided to preemptively do something that I KNOW puts me in a good mental space. After the kids were in bed, instead of talking with my husband — which I would normally do because I have a weird idealistic idea about marriage that in any free moment you should be sitting around in love and in deep conversation — or watching something together, I left him with March Madness and took the iPad into bed and sunk into E.M. Forster’s world of Italy, England, The Honeychurches, love and good manners. I really dig English people.

What this did was not only avoid any potential temper losing for whatever reason, but also set me up for a really good weekend. That movie makes me want to be a better person. It makes me want to dress well, be a loving mother like Mrs. Honeychurch, be amusing like Freddy the brother, and even if I do feel a little temper coming on, like Lucy Honeychurch (played by the marvelous Helena Bonham Carter), I am inspired to handle it like she does, which is very classily and charmingly.

I made soup (Irish soup) this weekend,  baked a cake from scratch with the children (first cake I ever made from scratch that tasted good). We strolled around downtown, had good conversations — whatever. I just think that movie set the tone for domestic success.

That being said, we are having a bit of a swearing issue in the house with our 10 and under set that is making me feel like I am going to lose my temper.

One more thing, this new song — “We are Young” by Fun. IS HOOKING ME UP! It is reaching every good part of me. I danced in the kitchen to it last night. Listen to that song, everything about it is right.

Gotta go, still more Sunday to go.



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3 thoughts on “A Weekend With a View (Day 65 of Lose The Temper)

  1. Bridget on said:

    I feel very much the same way about weekends. I so look forward to them but they are a lot of work too. I find nothing relaxing about the disastrous state of my kitchen right now! Must remedy that….

    Adding that movie to netflix now and LOVING that song too – it’s awesome!

    Very happy to have found your blog – big fan 🙂 Happy Sunday

  2. I feel the same way about that song! I’ve been listening to it every day.

  3. IAMom on said:

    Great post. I always felt guilty for being grumpy on the weekends: everyone’s home, we’re all together, no plans. I now realize these same reasons are what push me over the edge. Everyone’s home = more messes and while I know it shouldn’t bother me, what bothers me is the fallout on Monday with a ravaged house. You are so right! More meals (for me) to cook! No plans = sounds great in theory but I am a creature of habit, routine and rhythm and this is what throws me. Thank you for verbalizing what I’d been feeling for so long.

    Your first book is on my short list of novels I reread over and over. It is so real, chatty, and personal and my heart breaks for everyone with each re-read.

    Ms. Gillies, you seem to be a person who really truly aspires to be the best woman, mom, wife, ex-wife, daughter and sister you can be.

    With kind regards,
    A stay-at-home mom of 6 & 7 year old girls in Iowa (you thought Ohio was the middle of nowhere? Ha!).

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